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Daniella is 13. Her hobbies are making others laugh by being a silly comedian and her interests are pop culture, music, comedy, speaking in accents, improv and lots of laughing. She has covered Vice President Biden and interviewed Chelsea Clinton.


Gaby's bio coming soon! She has covered Air Force One and interviewed Vice President Biden!

Lucas is 12 years old and loves to play baseball and soccer. If he's not playing sports, then he's usually at band practice. Lucas has been the lead singer for School of Rock for over a year. He gets to perform at clubs all over Los Angeles, including Whiskey A Go-G0, the Hard Rock Cafe on Hollywood Blvd., and the House of Blues.
Jasmine's bio coming soon! She has interviewed Vice President Biden with KSM!


Matthew is 12 and loves history, politics, and science. An avid reader, Matthew loves to learn about everything ranging from European and American history to music and medicine. He plays the piano and clarinet as well as sings in a choir. Matthew also loves airplanes and the business of commercial aviation.



Sammy is a 12-year-old who has loved sports, books, and learning his entire life. This urge to learn has grown into a love for politics. His parents have taught Sammy that learning is very important and helped him realize that there is much more to the world than himself.

Sam is 15 and enjoys reporting on politics, the militrary and government. In May 2015 Sam had an extensive one-on-one interview with the Secretary of the Army at the Pentagon. He has interviewed President Barack Obama at the White House, Vice President Joe Biden, and many other notables.


Alexis loves singing, dancing, acting and photography. Musical theatre is her true passion. She also enjoys volunteering with kids and animals. Alexis has reported from the red carpet at the 2014 "An Evening with Women" awards gala and covered the departure of Air Force One.

Shelby is a 13-year-old who loves music, art and Dr. Who.  She's covered the Taste of the Nation event and interviewed Sarah McLachlan as a KSM reporter.
Thirteen years old, Cyrus loves trying different foods, seeing movies, and going to the skatepark with his friends. He loves reporting on food and tech!

Kai comes to KSM with reporting experience as the co-anchor of his school's weekly news program. He loves helping others, playing instruments, dancing and doing impressions of celebrities. Kai's first assignment was covering the Human Rights Campaign Gala on the red carpet!


Thirteen-year-old Madison loves cooking, playing softball and helping others. After a school trip to Skid Row in LA, she and three other students organized a blanket drive for the homeless and have continued it for three years.  She has reported on Air Force One and attended two events hosted by First Lady Michelle Obama in Washington, DC.


Twelve-year-old Olivia enjoys playing her guitar, performing in the musical and theatrical arts, and she loves to sing. She's an avid volleyball player and varsity cheerleader. Though she's a resident of San Diego, she's a huge Seattle Seahawks and LA Dodger fan.


Joie-May is 13 years old and began singing with the Agape Youth Choir when she was 3. She has appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, the Ellen DeGeneres show, and sung with many artists, including Will.I.Am.  Joie-May's first KSM event was interviewing Sarah McLachlan.

Molly enjoys competitive swimming, water polo, alternative music, and playing the violin in her school's classical and modern music ensembles. She first reported on Michelle Obama's speech at the Jane Ortner awards and is pictured here with her White House press pass.

Teela's bio coming soon! She has covered the White House Easter Egg Roll!

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