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About Us

KSM KidScoop Media has been giving kids a unique opportunity to meet luminaries from the world of politics, music, film, sports and culture since 2008.


From standing alongside major media reporters on the red carpet to one-on-one interviews with iconic figures in music, government, and sports, KSM reporters are given the chance to ask their questions and share their point of view with the decision makers and stars of today.

The experience of forming and honing questions, presenting oneself in an adult world, and conversing with people who've reached the pinnacle of their field gives our reporters skills they will use for a lifetime, as well as a confidence they could gain no where else.  


We hope the people KSM reporters meet and the ideas they're exposed to will inspire our kids to dream big and achieve their own definition of success, whether that is pursuing athletic talents to their fullest or running for office someday.

Michelle Mayans

Executive Director and Founder

Michelle Mayans

Ms. Mayans grew up in Costa Rica and Los Angeles, an experience that informed her founding of KSM.


"Growing up in a first world and a third world country gave me a unique perspective. Being bicultural always makes one interested in things outside of yourself. That's why our events and the people we interview are so diverse. It's my own broad experiences that really helped form KSM. I started KSM because I wanted to give young people a voice in the same arena where adults speak. I want to include kids in the conversations that matter because I feel like their opinions are often neglected and ignored. The response we've received from notable people who have really made their mark in the world is phenomenal. Going forward, I want to continue to show that kids have a tremendous amount of insight, honesty, and authenticity. It brings out the best in whomever they interview, qualities you rarely see when people are being interviewed by adults. Kids are just so genuine that it touches a certain core in people." 

Board Members

Christa Lucken
Michelle Mayans
George Montgomery
Behram Parekh

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