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KSM KidScoop Media was founded by Michelle Mayans in December 2008 to make young people's voices a part of the national conversation. KSM connects its youth journalists with politicians, celebrities, and luminaries in a variety of fields. KSM reporters have interviewed and met with President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of the Army John M. McHugh, Former Mexican President Vicente Fox, Sarah McLachlan, singer Lila Downs, and U.S. gold medalist Mia Hamm, to name a few. KSM also puts kids on the red carpet at exciting events like the Grammy Awards and Human Rights Campaign's galas. Our Los Angeles homebase gives us access to the people who make policy and shape the cultural discussion in America.

KSM has an Extensive Interview with Secretary of the Army John M. McHugh at the Pentagon

May 5, 2015, The Pentagon

KSM reporter Sam enjoyed a 20-minute exclusive interview with Secretary of the Army John M. McHugh, the third one-on-one interview the Secretary has given in the past three years. They discussed the Secretary's inspiring personal story, the evolving role of America's troops, and threats faced by the nation. Click over to Projects to see videos of the interview!

Photo by John Martinez, Photojournalist to the Secretary of the Army. Filming generously provided by Talking Tree Creative at the Pentagon.

EVERYONE DESERVES TO BE HEARD: Sarah McLachlan Speaks About her Music School

Shelby and Joie-May interview Ms. McLachlan about her childhood and the music school she founded to provide both a safe space and excellent music production for underserved kids. Directed & edited by Deborah Attoinese (Overall Productions); filmed by Stephon Litwinczuk (Oneness Media).

KSM Reporters Get Up Close and Person with VP Biden

July 22, 2015, Los Angeles

Jasmine, Lucas and Gaby were covering Vice President Joe Biden's speech on middle class jobs when the VP came over and sat with them for 10 minutes! 



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